Monday, February 27, 2006

AL Catcher $$$ Ranges

$30+ None

$24+ Victor Martinez

$17-$24 Jorge Posada, Ramon Hernandez, Javy Lopez, Jason Varitek, Joe Mauer, AJ Peirzynski, Ivan Rodriguez

$13-$16 Benji Molina, Rod Barajas, Kenji Kohjima

$7-$12 Jason Kendall, Toby Hall, Jeff Mathis

<$6 John Buck, Greg Zaun, Kelly Shoppach, Jose Molina, Rene Riveria, Geronimo Gil, Jose Molina

Worthless Josh Paul, Josh Bard, Kelly Stinnett, Chris Widger, Mark Redmond, Vance Wilson, Paul Bako

In a 12-team league, 24 catchers will be drafted. I have only listed 21 worth anything. Keep that in mind.

There are players in each category that I consider on the cusp of a higher category (VMart, Mauer, Kohjima) or a lower one (Mathis, Barajas, Pierzynski). Whether a player changes category will depend on hype and inflation.

Joe Mauer's production has not caughten up to his hype. My categorization reflects a lot of hype obviously because 9 HR 55 RBI 13 SB .294 does not merit $24. It is very good for a catcher though.

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